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Board of Director

Douglas Habecker

Douglas Habecker is an American who considers Taiwan—where he has spent most of his life—home. For the past decade, he has been co-publisher and editor-in-chief of Compass Magazine, which he co-founded. Compass Group produces some of Taiwan's most comprehensive and popular bilingual city-guide resources for both print and web.

Doug concurrently serves in a number of other positions, including English editor and consultant for various Taiwan central government and Taichung city government organizations.  He earned his journalism bachelor’s degree in the United States and returned to Taiwan to start a career as a reporter, writer and editor.  This included long-term positions as Central Taiwan Bureau Chief for the Taiwan News English newspaper and part-time reporter for ICRT English radio station.  He also previously served as the English editor for the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, one of Taiwan’s largest economic think tanks; board member of Center of Counseling and Growth, a Taichung-based international community counselling center; and high school journalism teacher at Morrison Academy, Taichung’s largest international school. 

He has served on the board of Taichung AmCham since 1996, including a 4 year period as its chairman. Favorite pastimes include playing in Compass' international men’s soccer club, reading history books and travelling to places he’s never explored before.   

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Board Member

Bernard Siu

Bernard Siu served the Board of Amcham from the first set up date to present. He is a Mechanical Engineering Professional. Before he retired in 2007, he worked for Mcgill International Inc. for more then 18 years in Taichung. In the past 13 years, he had worked as a Consultant for mechanical manufacturing company, sales agent for heavy duty and high precision bearings. He is now concentrated with sales of Tea, especially Pu-Erh Tea, and coffee. He is the student of Professor Deng Se Hai, who is a respective professional in Pu-Erh Tea business in Taiwan and China. Most of the tea he sells are processing under the monitoring by Professor Deng. He recently cooperates with a partner to start a coffee business. They have their own coffee roasting machine and can provide many unit flavors of coffee beans with raw beans from South America and Africa.

Board Member

Dr. James Sims

Professor James Sims first started teaching at in Taiwan in 1985 and since then he has worked at positions of increasing rank and responsible at Tunghai University.  He has served as the Chair of the Foreign Languages and Literature Department (FLLD) and the English Language Center (ELC). He is currently the Dean of the International College and the Director of the International Business Administration (IBA) Program.

Board Member

Shawn Hsu 

Shawn Hsu is a long time resident of California and a graduate of San Jose State University (Accounting). He has lived in the San Francisco, Bay area for the past 35 year and during those years, He has worked for several local companies, Such as Avnet Electronic, Bank of America and Hitachi Instrument America and eventually became a real estate investor. He moved back to Taiwan two years ago in search of a ideal retirement place and so far so good. For his pastime, He enjoys being a language teacher and the president for the AUTC Toastmasters Club. Shawn is a outdoor enthusiast and also loves tennis as well as hiking.